A Rising Center for Business Process Outsourcing in Africa

We are merging the limitless potential of the digital age with the heart and soul of a compassionate community
Karamoja region

Karamoja is home to 1.2M people

Consisting of nine districts in northeastern Uganda, the region is classified as one of the world’s poorest areas.


Of the 1.2M people live in poverty


Of it's youthful population is under/unemployed

15 years

Young people with an average age of 15 years


Of the population lives on <$2USD per day
Source: UNFPA issue brief 07 August 2018-Leaving no one behind in Karamoja
Map of Karamoja

The Untapped Global Potential

Overcoming decades of brutal conflict and socio-economic disparity,
Karamoja is now home to a rising center of Business Process Outsourcing in Africa,
creating transformative opportunities for its people


Skilled graduates added to an existing workforce yearly

10 Mbps

Well developed infrastructure with access to World Class tools

15 years

Average age of Karamoja's tech-savy young population


Uganda ranked 2nd overall in English fluency in Africa


Lower costs saving you 60% to 80% of operational costs


Existing strategic partnerships with World-class brands in North America

Karamoja in pictures

Photot credit: Lokutae Brian King
Tourism in karamoja
Karamoja wildlife
Adventure in Karamoja
Karamoja Culture
Accomodation in Karamoja
Moroto town of karamoja
Transport in Karamoja
Kidepo national park


People and our planet are all we have.
Underpinned with a business that makes money, we use what we have-to empower our team and others, to create opportunities for others, make money and sustainably manage our only home

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