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We not only exist to save your business precious time and money, but through training and sustainable job creation, we create economic opportunities for one of Africa's most breathtaking, resilient and underdeveloped communities.

Our founding story

How Cloud Empowerment came about

Steve, Paul and Pat in CA
Pat Montani M.S.M
-Canadian tech entrepreneuer, philanthropist
-founder of
Bicycles for-Humanity-a grassroots movement, delivered 325k+ used bikes to rural Africa
-Founder iempowerment-an innovation that delivers education and learning on a memory stick to rural communities in Africa.
-Awarded the
Meritorious Service Medal in 2016 and Whistler citizen of the year 2019
Paul Sherwen
-Successful British/Ugandan entreprenuer
-3x British Cycling Champion,
-7x tour de france racer,
-33 years tour de france commentator
-lived in Uganda and has a special place in his heart for Karamoja, having fond memories of hunting there as a child.
Karamoja is a small, breathtaking remote region in Uganda where life revolves around cattle, poverty and firearms.
Paul loved what Pat was doing and joined him as a partner.


-As the cattle wars were ending in Karamoja, Pat and Paul brought the i-empowerment innovation and 5,000 bikes to the region, to kickstart an economy around bikes, and empower the people of Karamoja.


-Pat & Paul met Alfred, a native of Karamoja & a fresh Computer Science graduate from Makerere University. Alfred volunteered and implemented the iempowerment innovation across Karamoja region.

-A team in Karamoja was formed and set out Common Sense Community Development (CSCD)-a change model centered around “a-hand-up against a-hand-out”

-In 2016, Pat and Paul helped kickstart Kara-tunga-a sustainable tourism company and the annual tour of karamoja-Uganda’s biggest MTB event, to preserve the culture and build an economy around cultural and bike adventure tourism.
Sadly in Dec 2018, Paul Sherwen passes on peacefully in his sleep


-Alfred deeply influenced by Pat's mentorship resigned from his IT job in the city and together they co-founded Cloud Empowerment.
-Their vision was to leverage the internet's vast potential to create economic opportunities for Karamoja while providing cost-effective services to global brands.

-During this time, Alfred also formed a strong bond with Mike Kirk, the founder of Goodmove. Introduced by Pat Montani, Mike had been involved with the Vancouver chapter of Bicycles for Humanity since 2014.

-Under Pat's mentorship, Mike learned valuable life lessons, with empowering others central to them all. Alfred and Mike's friendship flourished as they worked on building their own businesses, sharing their experiences and aspirations


-Tragically, in April 2021, Pat passes on after a brief battle with Pancreatic cancer. His passing left an immense void in our hearts, but his legacy and teachings continue to guide us.

-In honor of Pat's remarkable legacy, Alfred and Mike realigned the strategy of Cloud Empowerment to align more closely with Goodmove. This shift allows us to assist small brands and retailers with their daily operations, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive. Simultaneously, it enables us to continue empowering the people and larger community of Karamoja, embodying Pat's philosophy of "a hand up over a handout."


Purpose is at our core.
We are merging the limitless possibilities of the digital age with the heart and soul of a compassionate community.
Ariko Alfred
Ariko Alfred Mhutoht
Co-founder and CEO

Alfred is the co-founder and CEO of Cloud Empowerment, a purpose driven BPO company providing efficient outsourced services at the most competitive rates globally

Alfred grew up in Karamoja and graduated from MUK with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Prior to Cloud Empowerment, he was the IT officer for a national non-profit based in the city. Outside of work, Alfred is an avid soccer player and MTBer

Kirk Mike
Mike Kirk
Founder and CEO-Goodmove Inc

Mike is the founder and CEO of Goodmove-a saas company that provides custom solutions focused on streamlining supply chain for brands in the apparel industry.

Prior to Goodmove, Mike was the CTO and co-founder of Blastramp (acquired by Omnium in 2015)-a Lite ERP for small to mid-sized fashion companies, shipping over $300M USD of product annually, with over $25M USD of active inventory in the network.

Our mission is to help founder-led businesses scale by providing world-class and cost-efficient outsourced services through a collaborative effort

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Slowtide LLCSpartan ControlsSmart Clinic FormsSmart Clinic FormsBicycles for Humanity
Goodmove IncSpartan ControlsGIZ- CUSPGIZ- CUSPBluecitrus Inc
Pat and Paul in Karamoja

Pat and Paul (RIP)

"Never Doubt That a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indead it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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We believe that business is the greatest platform for change — and that together, we can improve the state of our communities. At Cloud Empowerment, your work will help businesses and communities achieve their most ambitious goals, solve their biggest challenges, and harness their successes to leave our planet a little better than we found it.
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