We help small and medium-sized businesses cut operational costs and save time by providing quality outsourced solutions at the most competitive rates globally

Tip the scale in your favor from day 1

Our innovative solutions in web development, ecommerce admin, customer support and data entry/research-all at a fraction of the cost, allows your team to spend their time delivering work that drives your business forward

Take the next steps towards your growth goals

We strive to help businesses go through digital transformation and thrive in the eCommerce era by adopting cost-efficient and flexible technology outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions with our skilled developers and project managers.

Grow your business with collaboration

With our process, we iterate, optimize and improve all of the tactics to grow your bottom line. Our team and process intergrates and can adapt to the tools you already use

What you’ll get from hiring us

Cost effecttive -5x savings

We provide quality services at a fraction of the costs globally. Our on-demand pricing model lets you save on your costs of operation

Flexible engagement models

Our team is availiable on-demand; you can scale us up or down depending on your business needs/demands

No infrastructure/admin costs

No admin, training or infrastructure costs to your side of the process. We train our teams to learn and use the tools and processes you already use.

Highly skilled reps

All our reps are tech savy graduates who can communicate fluently in English and can easily learn and adapt to new processes and technologies




We put people at the heart of our business

People are at the heart of what we do. Underpinned with a  business that  makes money, we use what we have-to empower our team and others, to  do things better, to create opportunities for others, make money  and to bring others to the cause or project, whatever it is