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Cloud Empowerment is working to bring abundance, health and hope to the earth’s poorest people.


We believe that deep down, everyone wants to make a difference, to inspire others and create a better life for all. Below are grass-root movements we helped create.

Bicycles for Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity  grassroots movement of volunteers have created over 50 chapters in 8 countries in the last 15 years. To date, 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres have been created in 13 countries. Since its inception in 2005, more than 300,000  bikes have been shipped to developing countries and hundreds trained in how to manage the bike initiatives for the betterment of all in their community Find out more.

Kara Tunga

Decades of isolation and conflict made the Karamoja subregion of Uganda unthinkable as a destination. Until now… Today Kara-Tunga develops authentic cultural experiences and outdoor adventures throughout the region aimed at creating job opportunities, preserving cultural heritage and natural environment. Find out more.


IEmpowerment provides inexpensive education and skills development content without the need for internet or bricks and mortar. Find out more.

Cloud Empowerment is a technology solution that has deep roots in Africa. Since 2005, we’ve been working in Uganda to bring innovative programs that will empower locals to move forward and thrive. We are entrenched in everyday lifeWe understand the social and political systems, the cultures and traditions, their daily struggles and barriers. We also see their strength and resilience. And, we have witnessed what is possible when they’re lifted by hope.

Cloud Empowerment software is built in Africa, by Africans – specifically to address the unique technology requirements for those living on the edge. As fibre optic cables circle the globe, connecting the developed world – they stop short of isolated villages in the farthest corners of the planet. Here, in the last mile is an entire population living in poverty and untold suffering. They are cut off from education, healthcare and the basic rights of humans that the rest of the world takes for granted.

Cloud Empowerment is bringing the internet and its information-rich content to mobile devices in these remote communities, giving people the power to make decisions that impact their lives.

At the same time, Cloud Empowerment provides a clear picture of the issues facing those in these villages through real-time data collected direct from the source. This critical data helps aid agencies and NGOs create sustainable, effective programs that improve healthcare, education and agriculture for all.

The Cloud Empowerment team is backed by 70 years’ experience building, managing and growing telecom and technology companies, while at the same time creating global grassroots movements. Our vision is to be global leaders in empowering ordinary people to be the drivers of their own lives, to bring abundance and hope where there is none, and to create a healthier and wealthier tomorrow for our people.


“What’s wrong with this picture?” Pat Montani, CE Mobile founder, asked the question when he first began his work in Uganda in 2005. He wondered why, despite seemingly endless global efforts and millions upon millions of financial aid, are the earth’s poorest people still suffering? Why wasn’t help reaching those on the edge?

Pat began exploring ways to bridge the last mile. He wanted to give people a hand-up – not a handout – to empower locals to move forward creating change and opportunity along the way. Beginning with two wheels.

An avid cyclist, Pat founded Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) to bring the gift of mobility to remote villages in Africa. A grassroots movement with chapters around the world, B4H has delivered over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres – shipping containers which are retrofitted into local bike shops – and more than 300,000 bicycles to 13 African countries. Part of B4H, iEmpowerment was created to educate and train locals to manage bicycle-related businesses.

Along the way, Pat met Paul Sherwen, who would become one of his closest friends and fellow humanitarians. Paul taught Pat the ways of Africa and how its people would be best served. They worked together to roll out B4H globally, started iEmpowerment and created Kara Tunga, an organization focused on building world-class tourism in Karamjoja. Paul passed away in 2018, leaving behind a legacy the size of Africa itself.

Pat started Cloud Empowerment to bring the internet and its information-rich content to mobile devices in remote communities, giving people the power to make decisions that impact their lives. At the same time, Cloud Empowerment provides a clear picture of the issues facing those in these villages through real-time data collected direct from the source. This critical data helps aid agencies and NGOs create sustainable, effective programs that improve healthcare, education and agriculture for all. Cloud Empowerment was started in Karamoja Uganda and is managed from there.


Pat Montani, Founder     pat@cloudempowerment.com

Pat has over 40 years’ experience building, managing and growing technology companies. His work in the corporate world, and in deploying wi-fi networks in rural Africa has taught him how to effectively manage and support CE clients in the humanitarian space. Pat is a Rotarian and has worked with hundreds of Rotary Clubs across Africa on the deployment of innovative solutions to create sustainable opportunities for the poor and boost the local economy. In 2017, Pat was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by Canada for his contribution to society and helping others.


Alfred Ariko Mhutoht, Founder & VP of Technology    alfred@cloudempowerment.com

Alfred grew up in Karenga, just outside the gates of Kidepo Valley National Park – a place that he and his family still call home. After high school, Alfred attended Markerere University in Kampala and received a degree in Computer Sciences and a Cisco Networking Certificate. Alfred understands the power and the importance of technology and how it can positively impact lives. In his role as CE Mobile developer, Alfred is helping us to bridge the last mile and bring education, healthcare and dignity to remote communities.


Kenneth Brew, Founder & Network Specialist    gizmo.brew@gmail.com 

Better known as Giz, Kenneth has been building and managing wi-fi networks and providing local storage and access devices in East Africa for the last 30 years. Working for many years in the oil and gas industry, Kenneth is particularly skilled in the deployment of complex systems in challenging environments where no power or infrastructure exists.

Barbara Breuner, Founder & Communications
Barbara specializes in creating explainer videos that communicate complex ideas in engaging ways. She is instrumental in building awareness of Cloud Empowerment and our innovative solutions with the creation of a video, website and other supporting materials. Barb’s passion lies in helping social entrepreneurs and changemakers push their ideas out into the world, to educate donors and create community. If you need help telling your story, reach out to Barb via email.

Working together we can build a healthier, wealthier tomorrow for all.

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