Data & Virtual Assistants

Our remote assistants will take over daily tasks that aren’t that important but still essential to your business operation. Struggling to respond to the daily flood of emails? Need someone to manage your calendar? How about bookkeeping? Our multi-talented VAs are up to the task.

Estimated service milestones for VAs

Day 1

Initial meeting to understand your needs and evaluate the service requirements.

Day 3

Following our analysis, receive our quote for the service and sign our service agreement.

Day 18

Complete the recruitment of first agent/s and initiate the training program.

Day 30

Complete the training program and launch the improved service taylored to your needs

Day 60

Evaluation of the service and necessary adjustments.

Ehance your team's potential with trusted B2B contact data and sales info.

Our human-verified targeted lead data development and enrichment services can immediately improve your organization’s most valuable asset: data. As both your prospects and customers evolve, so should your data in real-time.

Your CRM data is decaying rapidly

Target list development

Knowing your market and buyers inside out means you can deliver messages that speak directly to your customers’ concerns

Our team of data specialists work with you to define lead criteria specific to your addressable market.
A bespoke database built from source is the best way to ensure that you reach the right contacts in the right companies. Our database building service can ensure that you have the most accurate and relevant marketing data possible.

Lead database cleansing & enrichment

Marketing data has a very short lifespan – the average database degrades at a rate of 30% a year!

We can take the most simplistic database and turn it into an insightful opportunity-generating asset. We understand that your data requirements vary from campaign to campaign and that a database you used six months ago may not be relevant for your current project. Data cleansing takes an existing database, of any age, and transforms it back into a useful asset. Regardless of whether a database has hundreds of duplicates or is missing large sections of data, our data assistants can give your database just the kind of treatment it needs

Your tools. Better results

We append and customize data for the tools you use.

No matter the tools and process you use, our team returns enriched data customized to your team’s specific needs and can easily sync with the tools that you use.