Meet Pat Montani &
Paul Sherwen


Pat Montani-an avid Mountain Biker from Whistler, a successful tech entrepreneuer, philanthropist and founder of Bicycles for-Humanity-the biggest grassroots movement providing the gift of mobility globally, and iempowerment-a technology that delivers education and learning on a memory stick to empower the people of Africa. He started B4H and iempowerment to empower those in the developing world. Pat was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 2016 and Whistler citizen of the year 2019 for his great service to humanity.

Paul Sherwen-a successful British/Ugandan entreprenuer, 3x British Cycling Champion, 7x tour de france racer and the tour de france commentator for 33 years. Paul was raised and lived in Uganda. He has a special place in his heart for Karamoja, having fond memories of hunting there as a child.

Karamoja is a small beautiful remote region in Uganda where life revolves around cattle, poverty and firearms.


Steve (L), Paul (C), Pat (R)

Pat & Paul
meet in California

In February 2006, a mutual friend (Steve Jennings) introduced Pat and Paul at the Tour of Carlifornia. Paul absolutely loved everything that Pat was doing and joined him as a partner and helped grow Bicycles for Humanity and iempowerment

Both Pat and Paul loved cycling, both believed in a model that empowers people (a-hand-up against a-hand-out), both believed in hardwork and were successful in their lives.


Paul invited Pat to Karamoja-Uganda

As the cattle wars were ending in Karamoja, Pat and Paul Sherwen brought 5,000 bikes to the region to kickstart an economy around bikes and empower the people of Karamoja and create economic opportunities for a better life. 

When Pat set foot in the region he felt calm, loved it and felt he was home. Pat made a wish for his ash to be spread in Karamoja when he passes on

“When I went there with him, he was the most peaceful I’d ever seen.”
Angie Montani Holmstrom
Pat's daughter


Pat & Paul
meet Alfred Mhutoht

In 2015 Pat & Paul met Alfred who is from Karamoja and a graduate of Computer Science from Makerere University. Alfred helped implement the iempowerment technology across Karamoja Region. Pat and Paul put together a team to deliver and scale a new model of change (Common Sense Community Development), centered around “a-hand-up against a-hand-out”. This was the begining of an incredible journey that would lead to the foundation of a World-class service agency.

Based on the new model of change, Pat and Paul in 2016/2017, helped kickstart Kara-tunga a sustainable tourism company and the annual tour of karamoja-Uganda’s biggest MTB event, to preserve the culture and build an economy around cultural and bike adventure tourism.


Pat & Alfred
founded Cloud Empowerment

In his phillanthropic work across Karamoja, Pat encountered countless bright, creative, motivated college graduates jobless or stuck in NGO jobs that offered little satisfaction or  advancement opportunities. To address this challenge, Pat and Alfred founded Cloud Empowerment

There are 100s of skilled unemployed University Graduates in Karamoja, we founded Cloud Empowerment to create economic opportunity for skilled members of the Karamoja community while providing outstanding services for small brands on a global scale.
Alfred Mhutoht-Co-founder


Cloud Empowerment Partners
with Goodmove Global Systems

Mike Kirk, the founder of Goodmove Global Systems, in his work with North American tech companies and e-commerce brands, met executives crumbling under the load of administrative work forced on them by technology that replaced administrative assistants.

From his involvement in Bicycles-for-Humanaity, he was introduced to Cloud Empowerment, and Mike knew he has found a strategic partner that will drive forward his company and so many brands globally by outsourcing time-consuming back office operations enabling executives save 30% of their annual revenues.


We help small and medium-sized businesses cut operational costs and save time by providing quality outsourced solutions at the most competitive rates globally

in our hearts

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead