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Vital health information on COVID-19 must spread quicker than the virus itself

Help stop the devastating spread of COVID-19 from ravaging Africa

As COVID-19 ripples across the globe at an alarming rate, many countries are implementing critical measures to protect their people and help stop the spread. For countries in the developing world, COVID-19 will hit hard and fast – and most don’t even see it coming.

You may be in isolation and feel powerless, but you can help save millions of people in Africa who are uninformed and oblivious to what is careening toward them.

Quick COVID-19 PDF Guide

Let’s make sure this critical information sits on every mobile device in Africa.

Vital health information on COVID-19 must spread quicker than the virus itself

Currently, there is zero information on the ground in Africa on how to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus. We need your help to get it into the hands of every person, even those in the most remote and isolated corners of the country. 

We’ve compiled vital health information, including easy-to-understand videos – which can be shared from mobile device to mobile device, without internet access! There is no faster, more efficient way to help these people protect themselves from COVID-19.

More catastrophic in developing countries that anywhere else in the world

The COVID-19 pandemic is deadly no matter where it spreads, but its path of death and destruction will be most devastating in places like Africa due to pre-existing health issues in remote areas: 

  • Most people cook with charcoal, which compromises the lungs
  • Many are living with HIV – their suppressed immune systems make them especially vulnerable

Here is what you can do right now:

Outside Africa: Forward this link to health organizations, faith groups and volunteers in Africa.

In Africa: Download the information package to your mobile device. Then share the package from your phone to other phones with the Xender app, which doesn’t require an internet connection or use expensive data. 

The information package includes: 

  • Videos and PDFs explaining what COVID-19 is, symptoms to watch for, protection measures, and steps to slow/stop the spread
  • A free data collection app for tracking areas of outbreaks. Learn how to use it
  • Instructions on how to download and use Xender to share files and videos from your mobile device to many mobile devices – without an internet connection

Let’s make sure this critical information sits on every mobile device in Africa

This is your opportunity to help save lives. Reach out to hospitals, volunteer organizations and faith groups in Africa right now. Time is precious!

For more information on using the free data collection app, how to submit data and get mapped results of the outbreak, contact us now.

Thank you for your help in these urgent and desperate times.

Free learning information for kids who now have can’t go to school because of COVID-19

Cloud Empowerment has access to the entire World Possible er2go, library of great online learning material. Plus, CE Hub can stream this entire library of incredible learning materials to all within reach of the wifi signal.

Working together we can build a healthier, wealthier tomorrow for all.

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