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Fuel your passion with proof

Get real-time data from the ground.


Accurate data ensures your aid efforts are focused, effective and life-changing.

How can you make a difference where it counts when you can’t see the whole picture?

CE Mobile data collection technology leverages the wide reach of mobile phones in the developing world to gather the pertinent facts and information you need to do the most good.

Local people on the ground are in the best position to gather, manage and share vital stats. We’re putting basic forms – as easy to use as typing and sending a text – in the hands of local care workers, and engaging them in building a clear, accurate picture about the health of their people.

Data direct from the source eliminates the guesswork, and turns precious time and money into targeted, scalable and sustainable aid programs.

Prevent or eradicate disease

Clearly pinpoint malaria hot spots, catch up to fast-moving viruses like Ebola, and ultimately stamp out the last cases of polio in Africa.

Focus help where it’s needed most

Identify and attract volunteer health groups to a critically affected region.

Unify relief efforts

Data gathered by different organizations can be shared on one platform so actions can be taken on a united front.

Make relief organizations accountable

Relief efforts can be rigorously measured and performance metrics provided to donors and beneficiaries.

See where the money goes

Gain a lens into which initiatives are working and which are wasting valuable funds.

We know you’re in a hurry to make a difference.

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Working together we can build a healthier, wealthier tomorrow for all.

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