CE Hubs

Connect to rural health outposts or extend your Openmrs and Bahmni system to these  centres

Get real-time data from the ground, while streaming world-class health training and information to reduce health problems.

Life-saving Centres that double as Community Learning Centres

Together we can empower understaffed and under-financed community hospitals in remote, rural health outposts, while ensuring they interface and function with national programs.


  • Many of the open-source hospital management systems like Open MRS and Dhis2 require a lot of customization and technical support in the field to manage.
  • The client-server architecture is expensive to set up and even more costly to run, with computers and web interfaces being the prime access.
  • Bandwidth is expensive and very slow on the edge – in remote communities.
  • There is a lack of technical skills and capital across all of the last mile areas, plus few skills and resources to manage and support the infrastructure in the field.
  • There is no architecture in place to move and share data from one mobile device to the next.
  • Collects and share data and information from multiple devices, and share with Open MRS and Dhis2 using our API’s
  • Gain a lens into which initiatives are working and which are wasting valuable funds.


The Cloud Empowerment Architecture

  • Our solution is architected to run on a cloud platform, plus on powerful solid-state network addressable devices (hubs) in the field.
  • This model is the most cost-effective and high-performance network integration available today, with API’s to Open MRS and Dhis2
  • We have a mobile app that allows for patient data collection, eliminating paperwork and allowing for a central repository of patient information that can be easily accessed, searched and combined to create insightful reports.
  • 100% of all software, hardware, content, and user administration can be managed remotely by our team.

What this means to you

  • We can extend the value of your OpenMRS or Bahmni to all remote health outposts and further to the traveling health workers.
  • No IT software and hardware management on your end
  • Small upfront hardware cost and low monthly/yearly administration costs
  • We take care of the technology infrastructure so you can focus on healing patients


  • Everyone within reach of the wifi signal can stream free health content and educational resources.

  • All caregivers have access to health records for all in the region.

  • Supports health workers over wifi and the internet as they roam through the region.

  • All staff, schools of nursing, and health, plus the public, can be trained .

  • The pharmacy platform allows all access to updates and management of supplies for safety and accountability.

  • Health centre administration for a more efficient flow and processing of patients.

  • All medical records are backed up and secured locally, plus backed up off site.

  • This simple architecture allows anyone to manage 1 to 1000 remote health centres, all with no local technical expertise.

  • CE Health can interface to all kinds of other  devices and services, allowing you a one-stop-shop approach, all managed remotely.

  • New revenue streams can be generated by running tests or services for people.

  • New models for paying health workers can be implemented.

  • Your investment also allows you compatibility with the major back-end health systems like Open MRS and Dhis2

Why this matters to you

  • When you bridge that last mile, you now bring health to the poorest and most remote people who need it the most.

  • It is easy and cost-effective for you to implement – using mobile devices that are inexpensive and plentiful.

  • Connect and integrate seamlessly with remote health outposts.

  • Utilize existing, free health education training material to train healthcare workers efficiently.

  • Get a clear oversight of your healthcare process and management.

  • The integration and overview of different health services and departments will be effortless.

  • You’ll have improved health management, superior training and education, plus compatibility with your national or regional programs through our API’s.

How this will make you a change-maker

  •  Extend teh value of your investment in openMRS and Bahmni

  • Efficiency – get more done with less money

  • Accountability – show clear, measured results to donors

  • Sustainable – maintain funding through accountability, the savings for using the system can be put towards paid healthcare workers

  • Growth – and increase of funding and an increase in paid healthcare workers

    We know you’re in a hurry to make a difference.

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    Working together we can build a healthier, wealthier tomorrow for all.

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