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THe future of hosting and managing data

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CE cloud is for those who want to better manage health easily and efficiently

Can run Bahmni and OpenMRS.

Just as the cloud plays a vital role in publishing, online shopping, communications with services like Facebook, Amazon, iTunes, Whatsapp, Messanger, and a host of other clouds and connected platforms and applications, Cloud Empowerment understands how global efficiencies and the power of the cloud can be brought to remote areas and financially constrained health organizations globally, allowing all to do more with less. With Covid 19 hitting all globally, even more, is going to be asked of care providers, but to do it with fewer people and less resources. Even keeping existing health platforms operational in the field becomes a challenge. Cloud Empowerment was architected for the realities of this new world, our skills learned over 40 years deploying technology in Remote Africa, our knowledge gained from deploying and managing some of the biggest clouds globally, plus our on the ground experience building the world’s largest grassroots movement focused on delivering 300,000 bicycles to many in Africa to help healthcare workers do more with less, has positioned us perfectly. In these trying times, our goal is simple, to take al we have learned and deliver a new model of healthcare that both engages the local people as a part of the solution, but more importantly, provides the efficiencies the healthcare workers need and the data needed to drive the modeling and health management systems at the national level in all countries.

Our Ce Cloud drives the data and communications needs of the Ce mobile back end, allowing us to provide secure community health management systems to hundreds of thousands of communities, instantly and it is all managed remotely by us.

If you are struggling with keeping your OpenMRS or Bahmni applications running on your servers due to a lack of resources and people, we will manage these applications in the cloud for you, allowing continuity of service for a lot less money.

If you no longer have the people on the ground to gather the that you need to feed your DHIS modeling application, we can move data collected by volunteers or health workers the field through our cloud and over to your modeling platform to keep you fight Corona 19 and other diseases

We know you’re in a hurry to make a difference.

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