The difference between life and loss is information

Healthcare education and primary care is out of reach for those in the earth’s farthest corners. Our simple, free solution uses mobile devices to provide vital information to those who desperately need it. Critical health information on COVID-19 must spread quicker than the virus itself.

CEhealth – improving health outcomes in the Last Mile

We can help you extend health education and training to the most remote communities in Africa – simple and cost-effectively. With our architected and efficient solutions, we enable you to provide world-class health in the hardest-to reach areas.


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CEcloud is for those who want to better manage health easily and efficiently in the last mile. A turnkey platform that has content delivered by file transfer, and all users are backed up in the cloud. Easy to implement, no capital cost has 75% of the functionality of Bahmni and OpenMRS. Ideal for up to 50 health users in the field.


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Cloud empowerment is focused on providing the very best health education and care for the people of rural and remote Africa, with a focus on helping those that support these people with better and more efficient healthcare tools and services. We have learned that the further you go from the major centres, the less money, resources, and support is there for the people and the health workers. We believe that mobile phones and innovative new technology solutions can change the game, providing not only better care, but new models to attract and retain caregivers in this space. CEhealth, a new model and approach to solving health challenges in the last mile.

Working together we can build a healthier, wealthier tomorrow for all.

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